Betting: skip the bargaining

Bonucci and Pepe risk long suspension

Betting: skip the bargaining Bonucci and Pepe risk long suspension Leonardo Bonucci
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Now it’s tug of war between the prosecutor and Palaces Juventus. Three interruptions to the process on match were not enough to agree to a plea bargain and Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus Simone Pepe.

Three interruptions to the process on match were not enough to agree to a plea bargain and Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus Simone Pepe. With the start dell’Arringo defense lawyer Chiappero, has blurred the possibility of an agreement. ” In this process – said Luigi Chiappero, the lawyer Bonucci and Pepe addressed to the Disciplinary Committee – we can see what is the difference between criminal proceedings where you play on people’s lives and the proceedings sports where you play on the professional lives of the people. risk becoming summary trials. ”

Then, still the legal Bonucci and Pepe took us to reiterate the argument made by the defense: ” Think of the plea agreement was physiological, but the common thread of our argument was not changing the classification of the prosecution.” Meanwhile, before dell’Arringo lawyer, federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi had obtained an interruption of the ongoing process to Rome to seek a final mediation for the settlement of the two Bianconeri, Nicola Belmonte of Siena, the grenade Salvatore Masiello and of ‘ Udinese: all positions related to alleged match- Udinese -Bari on 9 May 2010.

Palaces yesterday asked the sentencing of Bari, Bonucci 3 years 6 months disqualification for aggravated unlawful and a one year stop to the former Udinese Pepe, accused of failure to report. Meanwhile, the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Sergio Artico, closed the third trial phase of the process seasonal sports betting on football. The first-instance rulings are expected between 8 and 10 August.

William Hill launches its online slot machines

William Hill betting -known brand, has launched its online casinos also have slot machines. William Hill is a historic fact sports betting operator English, that with the advent of the internet has shifted its attention to the possibilities offered by the network to offer services for online betting and online casino then.

Now, that in Italy were also legalized slot machines online, the offer of this operator is expanded further with the slot machines.

This operator is now a major player on the market ours, through the grant AAMS 15038 which makes it a de facto official and legal operator on the Italian territory. It is an important aspect, this, as with the AAMS license is that a game operator can be defined as legal in Italy and also made sure, with the possibility to set all of the limitations that we want to define what we want to play at the most, in terms of both time and money wagered. And, as we said at first, William Hill has decided to dedicate an entire section to the slot machines.

The slots are in fact the biggest news this year between games at William Hill online casino and slot machine games online is one of the most diverse offerings on the market. With over 30 slot games, the player can choose every day a different game to play with, thanks to the thematic nature of these games, which take comic book characters, movies, sports, etc.. Due to their complexity and also graphics of the game, the slots are often the most popular game in a casino online.

Compared to other games of this genre, such as card games or video poker, more break with tradition: blackjack, for example, has its classical rules, while the slot games can be reinvented every time, with the possibility to play with the graphics and games also introduce intermediate.

You can also play for instant win, or even for the progressive jackpot, which over time can become very high. And on a site such as William Hill, with regular concession AAMS, the game is safe and slots are those permitted by Italian law.